Project management

As a property owner, all you care about is the outcome. And it must work 100%. Leave it to us. We will manage the entire project with top quality – from A to Z.

There are several paths to a successful project. Which one should you take?

You put your employee in charge

One of your current employees will oversee the project.

  • They know your company and the overall context,
  • they are affordable.
  • Usually has less experience and expertise,
  • pays attention to multiple projects at once, which is inefficient,
  • finding suitable contractors and communicating with them is lengthy.

You take care of it yourself

You decide to handle the project yourself.

  • You know the project, the company, and the overall context,
  • you don’t pay for the work.
  • Your core business sometimes goes on the back burner,
  • finding the right suppliers and communicating with them takes a lot of

You start working with a specialist company

You leave the project to a project management specialist.

  • Thanks to their experience and expertise, everything progresses quickly and smoothly to the finish line,
  • your hands are free and your head clear: the project is managed from A to Z,
  • the project manager works with their own experts and proven outsourcers,
  • you communicate with one person only,
  • the project manager is efficient, you only pay them for the work they do.
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Technology Park handles projects even more efficiently [case study]

They save time

and have more control over the outcome of the project

They are confident in the quality

of contractors and meeting deadlines, including the budget

They benefit from a creative

and proactive approach of the project manager


Step-by-step cooperation plan


We prepare a project plan
with a proposed budget and timeline.


We ensure the realization from A to Z
including all permits and contractors.


We meet the deadline, price and quality expectations
and we communicate everything with you continuously.


We hand over the finished work,
that you are 100% satisfied with.

“We have handled projects internally in the past. However, we often encountered incompetent contractors who, instead of meeting our needs, looked for a thousand reasons why something couldn’t be done. So far, we have not heard “No” a from the PFM-Service project manager. We see great creativity and a focus on results in his approach. We won’t go down the path of exclusively in-house project management again. It takes too much time and energy.”


What we are great at

We have a top-notch team with a wide range of expertise
We work in synergy with designers, developers and landscape architects
within the PFM-Group.

We think in context
We find the optimal solution to meet the specific needs of the client.

We pride ourselves on transparency
We play with open cards: we make tenders “open book”

One partner for everything
We relieve you of communication with dozens of contractors and lengthy
invoicing. With us, you get a single, accountable partner and one invoice
per month.