Facility a property management

Put your property in good hands. We will make sure that it is fully occupied and in top condition in every way.

Even one maintenance worker can increase a company’s productivity [case study]

Increased produktivity

at the company Kili thanks to more efficient processes

More control

over asset management and less work with operations

One supplier

that handles everything from A to Z


What we’ll provide for you

  • Top condition of the property and its surroundings, including all technology,
  • certainty that the property is legislatively sound,
  • administrative management of the property including real estate services,
  • streamlining processes and strategies leading to savings,
  • regular reporting on the condition of the property, including a monthly summary of activities,
  • NON-STOP availability of emergency services.

What we are strong in

  • We look after hundreds of thousands of square metres of indoor and
    outdoor spaces, yet we know every meter,
  • we have the capacity to guarantee 100 % substitutability,
  • we constantly assess the condition of the building and suggest ways
    to increase its value through savings or innovation,
  • we meet with architects, designers and developers from the PFM-
    Group and enrich our approach with their unique know-how.

“There is nothing worse than a bad collaboration. Business is all about people and it really is everyone who matters – from the janitor to the director. That’s why we made sure to choose the right facility manager. We chose a partner who has a professional yet human approach. Because this is often the most important aspect on which everything stands or falls. We are constantly reassured of this in practice – especially when a technician approaches us on his own and suggests how to do things better and avoid potential problems. How much time and stress has this saved us already? I can’t even put a price on that.”


Step-by-step cooperation plan


We inspect the property

And prepare a facility audit.


We provide operation and management

including administrative and real estate services.


We carry out all modifications

and provide project management.