Facility audit

We will check the condition of your property. We will find its critical points and hidden potential. Thanks to the audit, you gain certainty – you can trust your property. In all respects and 100%.

Audit of the Obchodní dům Klášter in Brno [case study]

3.400.000 CZK

Costs of implementing cost-saving measures

2,5 years

Return on investment

1.400.000 CZK

Annual savings for building operation


What you will find in the audit

Expect detailed recommendations, specific numbers and clear tables. No general talk.

  • Assessment of the technical condition, energy audit,
  • energy audit,
  • ascertaining the current cost structure,
  • OSH and Fire Protection,
  • assessment of compliance of audits and controls with legislation,
  • assessment of personnel and organizational structure,
  • ascertaining the status of operational services: insurance, security,cleaning, approval, waste management, rental contracts, etc.,
  • proposals for individual operational and technical measures.

Who can use the audit?

The audit will be used by owners or operators of real estate of different sizes
and focus. 

  • commercial buildings,
  • residential real estate,
  • hotels,
  • industrial and logistics premises, including public institutions.

“We felt like we were going to market with skin. The auditors blew us apart. They went through every meter of the building and found out absolutely everything: what we do, how and why. The output was a 60-page document that showed us how to get the most out of real estate with minimal effort. If I were to evaluate the audit, I see 2 main benefits – I gained a better insight into the condition of the entire building and also a feeling of certainty that everything is in order and I am not in danger of any fines or burning down of the building.”

Petr Prokš, Urbanon

Audit step by step


We will inspect the property

and the way it is cared for.


We will evaluate the situation

from a technical, legislative and procedural point of view.


We will prepare a report

with a solution where and how to save and what to improve.


We will make the adjustments

and we will provide project management.