A capable project manager is the key to the success of any project. Is it better to have one in the team all the time or to outsource? The Technology Park Brno has tried both. What surprised them about working with an external company and why would they never go the route of an in-house project manager again?

3 service benefits from the client’s perspective

  • Saving time by working with only one person,
  • certainty of the quality of suppliers and guarantee of meeting
    deadlines, including budget,
  • creative and proactive approach in solutions.

We manage our own projects

The Technology Park Brno is an extensive business park that has become the epicenter of innovation, science, and research in Europe over the last 30 years. Until now, the company has always managed all projects related to the completion, reconstruction, or modification of premises internally.

Gradually, however, the first obstacles began to appear:

  • project management was inefficient,
  • work was rushed and could not be planned: there was either too much or not enough of it,
  • working with many external contractors was not always flexible.

The client therefore decided to entrust project management to PFM- Service, with which they had already cooperated long-term in the field of facility and property management.

“We have handled projects internally in the past. However, we often encountered incompetent contractors who, instead of meeting our needs, looked for a thousand reasons why something couldn’t be done. So far, we have not heard a “no” from the PFM-Service project manager. We see great creativity and a focus on results in his approach. We won’t go down the path of exclusively in-house project management again. It takes too much time and energy.”


Main benefits: time savings and solutions beyond expectations

The client’s cooperation with PFM-Service has been ongoing since 2014 and has mostly been related to the adaptation of the premises for new tenants.

From the client’s perspective, it brought the following benefits:

  • Great time and energy savings,
  • delivery of the project from A to Z,
  • quality work done by reliable contractors,
  • a professional but human approach based on respect and trust,
  • outcome orientation, creativity in project management, activities beyond expectations.

Further plans and recommendations in conclusion

Our client plans to use an external project manager in the future. He would recommend the services of a project manager to others with a clear conscience — it gives you more time, which can be spent much more efficiently.