The Šlapanice-based company Kili set out to increase the company’s productivity, so they began looking for a way to take care of their properties more efficiently. By working with experts in facility and property management, it gained greater control over its assets and certainty in legal matters. Instead of putting out problems at five past twelve, they now actively prevent them.

3 service benefits from the client’s perspective

  • Increased company productivity through streamlined processes,
  • more control over asset management and less operational work,
  • fewer critical situations thanks to the professionals proactive

Managing the facilities on their own took too much time

If you are building or renovating and are looking for quality materials and equipment, the Šlapanice-based company Kili is a synonym for reliability. It has been on the market for more than 25 years, has hundreds of employees, operates 10 sales and 2 training centers and offers premium quality products with excellent services.

You can find Kili branches all over the Czech Republic and their headquarters in the south of the Moravian region — in Šlapanice. Until 2021, the company ran this facility, which includes production and warehouse halls, a showroom, and administrative facilities, on its own. Gradually, however, the first obstacles began to appear:

  • managing the facility took too much time that could have been used much more efficiently,
  • without an organizational and procedural structure, many of the activities involved in running the facility were haphazard and chaotic,
  • there was a lack of an inspection plan and suitable contractors to provide them,
  • there was a lack of certainty that all legislative obligations were being met.

Kili therefore decided to approach several facility and property management companies, from which they eventually selected PFM-Service.

“There is nothing worse than a bad collaboration. Business is all about people and it really is everyone who matters – from the janitor to the director. That’s why we made sure to choose the right facility manager. We chose a partner who has a professional yet human approach. Because this is often the most important aspect on which everything stands or falls. We are constantly reassured of this in practice – especially when a technician approaches us on his own and suggests how to do things better and avoid potential problems. How much time and stress has this saved us already? I can’t even put a price on that.”


The main benefit – more control and less operational work

The management and operation of Kili’s headquarters in Šlapanice are fully in the hands of facility and property managers from PFM-Service since 2021. They mainly take care of the production and warehouse areas, the showroom and the administrative facilities of the company, including the outdoor areas. They take care of everything: light bulb replacement, inspections, fire prevention, health and safety and greenery care and building modifications. They have also taken over the management of a facility in Třebíč, where the warehouse, shop and administrative facilities are located.

According to the client, the main benefits of this service include:

  • communication with one supplier who will provide everything from A to Z,
  • greater control over building management, including planned and spontaneous repairs,
  • order in inspections: from deadlines to documentation to securing suitable contractors,
  • smooth technical functioning of the buildings, without having to deal with any problems on a daily basis,
  • a feeling of confidence that the property is being looked after by experts who not only “put out fires” but come up with ideas themselves on how to make processes more efficient and prevent certain situations.

Further plans and recommendations in conclusion

The client is satisfied with the service. He can recommend it to other companies, mainly because of the time saved, which can be now used much more efficiently.